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The Challenges and Opportunities to Address Contaminants in Wastewater

Dr. Preston McEachern, PurLucid Treatment Solutions presenting and on the panel discussing THE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES TO ADDRESS CONTAMINANTS IN WASTEWATER at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA


Wastewater systems were designed to treat human organic waste. However, as the waste generated by our society has increased in complexity, so have the challenges of handling it. Pathogens, nutrients, metals, pharmaceuticals, and microplastics are some of the most threatening contaminants in our wastewaters. This expert panel will address which contaminants are of highest priority, whether treatment options are available, and the trade-offs and opportunities involved. Wastewater treatment is highly varied, reflecting more than a century of solutions developed in response to different geographic settings. Communities along coastlines, on the prairies, in urban settings, and in remote locations face different challenges in addressing this common concern.

Phil Guerin, Director of Water & Sewer Operations, City of Worcester
Marisol Labrecque, President, Technologies ECOFIXE
Dr. Preston McEachern, Founder and CEO, PurLucid Treatment Solutions
John Sullivan, Chief Engineer, Boston Water & Sewer Commission

Michael Murphy, Director of Water Innovation, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center