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The Challenges and Opportunities to Address Contaminants in Wastewater

Dr. Preston McEachern, PurLucid Treatment Solutions presenting and on the panel discussing THE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES TO ADDRESS CONTAMINANTS IN WASTEWATER at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA

Petrolithium technology for clean and rapid lithium brine extraction in just one day

With Petrolithium, PurLucid Treatment Solutions is leading the transition from fossil fuels to renewables through investments in battery commodities, extraction processes and clean technologies.

Environmental Session: Removing Pollutants from Wastewater Produced from Oil Sands Extraction

Founder and CEO of PurLucid Treatment Solutions, Dr. Preston McEachern, will be speaking at the Oil Sands Trade Show & Conference on Wednesday, September 12th in Fort McMurray.

Power Shift: How regulations may impede improved industrial water treatment

Preston McEachern, founder and CEO of PurLucid Treatment Solutions, says that if jurisdictions such as Alberta tightened up clean-water standards, it would prompt oil and gas producers and other industrial companies to process wastewater to higher standard and recycle it rather than…

Extracting lithium from oil sands waste water?

Alberta oil companies could soon be powering the electric car industry. That’s because a Calgary company has found a way to extract lithium from oil sands wastewater.

PurLucid Treatment Solutions presents at the Iceland Geothermal Conference (ICG 2018), Reykjavik, Iceland

The IGC Conference is an internationally recognized event that brings together industry leaders and policy makers. As the utilization of renewable energy is increasing around the world, geothermal resources have started to gain ground in the sector.